My Story: Becoming an Estate Planner

When I was 12 years old, my mother died. Suddenly, my family was in a crisis because we had not planned for this situation. Years before, our family had done some estate planning with an attorney. Unfortunately, the lawyer did not stay in touch with my parents when the law changed, and did not ensure that my parents funded their trust. As a result, the plan that my parents had spent so much time and money setting up and putting into place failed when they needed it the most. This life situation had a deep impact on me personally that I did not want to see ever happen to someone else. I ended up studying and graduating from the University of Baltimore Law School.

When I got out of school, I worked in some of the top law firms in Maryland and Washington, DC. However, I soon realized that there was something missing. There was a flaw. These firms were not practicing in the manner to which I wanted to serve my clients. They were making the same mistakes that my family’s attorney had made when he “helped” us.

What I discovered was that far too many lawyers practice in this manner and their clients’ plans fail at alarmingly high rates. Therefore, many people were not protect like they thought that were. Even worse, they had paid an attorney a large amount of money while accomplishing virtually nothing.

I soon came to realize that many of the attorneys that I worked with and for were frankly unaware of these issues. As a child from a family of eight without a mom, I realized that traditional estate plans, created by the typical estate attorney that had not experienced the tragedy that my family endured, did not ensure kids would be raised as their parents envisioned. Worse, they did not prevent their kids from being taken by the authorities if their parents passed away or were incapacitated due to disease, illness or accident.

In 2008, I founded the Law Office of Anthony Carducci, to focus on serving people who do not want my family’s story to become their family’s story. They want to ensure their plan will work when their family needs it the most. More importantly, they will know and appreciate that we will be there to advise their family when they can’t be. I know first-hand that people do not have the time to stay informed about changes in the laws that affect them. As your family’s trusted legal adviser, it is my responsibility to keep your family’s plan updated and current.

Today, because of my experience, I am focused on helping parents ensure that their plan works at the most critical times in their lives. I am always available to discuss the options. I ensure that your kids will be raised as you want if anything happens to you. It is my honor and high privilege to meet with families to create an individualized estate plan for their unique situation, in order to ensure their assets are protected and their children will never be taken out of the family home by the authorities.