Our Commitment

When I Was 12, My Mom Died

I have made a big commitment to the children of this world….your children. I am on a mission that is about more than just practicing law. It is about protecting kids. When I was 12 years old, my mother died and we found ourselves in the middle of a painful and confusing situation. I felt like I was no longer a kid anymore. As the oldest child at home, I was lost and was envious of friends that had a mom and dad.

Worse, I did not have any time to grieve. I had to help the family with daily tasks and take on the role of mom. My four younger sisters and my brother did not understand everything, but they absolutely felt the pain of knowing that their mom was no longer to love them and help them. Our family had an attorney to help us with such matters and my parents had done some planning.

However, this lawyer did not stay in touch with us when the law changed, and did not ensure that my parents funded their trust. As a result, their plan failed when they needed it the most. When I went to work as a lawyer, I was stunned that some of the largest firms practiced in the same flawed manner as the attorney that had “helped” my family.

I Understand This Tragedy First-hand

As a child from a family of eight without a mom, I realized that traditional estate plans, created by the typical estate attorney that had not experienced the tragedy that my family endured, did not ensure kids would be raised as their parents envisioned nor prevent their kids from being taken by the authorities if their parents passed away or were incapacitated due to disease, illness or accident.

This is Why We Practice Law Differently

In 2008, I founded the Law Office of Anthony Carducci, to focus on serving people who do not want my family’s story to ever become their family’s story. They want to ensure their plan will work when their family needs it most and appreciate knowing we will be there to advise their family when they can’t be. People who do not have the time to stay on top of changes in the law because they are busy raising their families and rightly expect their trusted legal adviser to alert them to such changes.

Today, I am focused on helping parents ensure that their plan works at the most critical times in their lives, and am available to discuss the available options with new clients. I ensure that your kids are raised as they want if anything happens to them. It is my honor and high privilege to meet with families to create an individualized estate plan for their unique situation, in order to ensure their assets are protected and their children will never be taken out of the family home by the authorities.

Call us at phone-icon 240-235-5070 now for a complimentary consultation in order to ensure that your kids will always be protected no matter what happens to you and your spouse.