Power of Attorney: A Life Saver

Why You Need a Power of Attorney?

Let’s face it…life is unpredictable. There are a number of things which can happen. Many of these are not expected, or planned for. In this case, having a power of attorney can literally be a life saver. What would happen if you were to become sick and no one really knows your true wishes? Having such a document is an easy way to make sure that your wishes are strictly followed and you can be sure which person will be making those decisions on your behalf. At the end of the day, let us worry about the details. You are in good hands and we will walk you through this process step by step.

In What Ways Can a Power of Attorney Document Be Used?

There are a large number of scenarios in which a power of attorney could be useful. As examples, consider the following scenarios:

women1. Michelle is an elderly woman who has recently become home-bound. She also becomes nervous and confused when faced with making financial decisions. Michelle decides to grant a power of attorney to her daughter for the purpose of writing checks and paying for her medicine, groceries and other personal items.

Without this in place, Michelle would have to handle these affairs on her own.

2. John and Mary have a growing family. In addition, they have some joint accounts, but also some sole accounts. If one of them becomes incapacitated, the other person could not access their sole accounts without a power of attorney.

So, John and Mary have a power of attorney drafted to avoid this situation.

Why You Should Hire Us To Draft Your Power Of Attorney?

This is a vital piece of the plan that will protect your most precious asset. We have seen numerous times when improperly or poorly drafted powers of attorney have to be redrafted. They are often drafted far too narrowly to accomplish one’s goals. Do you really want to have to pay a second lawyer to do what should have been done right the first time? Of course not. Let us create a power of attorney that will work for you when you need it the most.