Presentations and Workshops on Estate Planning

Our presentations and workshops will leave you empowered to take the steps necessary to protect your most precious asset: your kids.

Audiences have found that legal topics that might otherwise be confusing are presented in a clear, understandable and actionable fashion.

Presentations and Descriptions:

  • Presentations can last from 30 minutes to one hour. Questions from the audience are not only encouraged, but welcomed

Topics include:

    1. How to Protect Your Assets
      • What you need to set up right now to protect what you have worked your entire life to acquire
      • How to avoid the nightmare of the lengthy and costly probate process
      • How to ensure that you are in control rather than a judge


    2. Legal Essentials for Today’s Woman/Parent
      • The steps that you can take right away to ensure that your minor children would be raised by the people you want, in the way that you want, if something happens to your and your spouse
      • How to protect your loved ones’ inheritance from being lost to creditors, divorce, or reckless spending
      • How to avoid the nightmare of the lengthy and costly probate process
      • Why book store templates and online forms cannot possibly fit every family’s needs and could actually hurt more than help when your family needs it most


    1. Leaving a Legacy: What Every Boomer Should Know About Estate Planning and Beyond
      • How your greatest wealth (your values, insights, stories and experiences) is often overlooked when passing your assets to your children and grandchildren
      • How charitable giving can lower your taxes
      • What you can do to ensure that your loves ones are taken care of in the way you want
      • How to avoid probate and protect your assets from estate taxes
      • How to protect your assets from the government, creditors, in-laws and other people scheming to get your money


  1. Estate Planning is a Woman’s/Parent’s Issue: Taking Charge of What Matters
    • The 3 legal documents that every parent needs right now
    • How to ensure that you remain in control of your medical care/decisions
    • Why most living trusts fail and how to ensure that yours works when your family needs most
    • The risks of not having a plan in place